Oh, hey there!

The Wooden Wagon is a fully restored 1963 Baravan with a beautiful timber finish. We are specialists in coffee and cafe style food with all of our produce being handmade by ourselves. With a rotating seasonal menu, our menu items are always kept fresh and exciting so there is always something different to try.


Pleased to meet you

We're just two average millennials that buys too much smashed avo and drinks too much coffee.

After 5 hard yakka years at uni, we graduated and immediately took off to Europe to delay real life adult choices. We drove around for a year in a caravan and got quite used to small spaces.

While future us might think differently, important life decisions were made and we decided that the corporate life just wasn't for us.

We went out on a limb and bought a project. We affectionately called him "Donald Trunk" and we fumbled around for over a year trying to renovate our trailer and make it great again.

We're pretty chuffed with how it's turned out, we just thought you should know that we worked pretty hard for a little while there.

excited to get to know you